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Flowering Plants – Biennials

What are Biennials Plants

Biennials are plants which require two years to complete their life cycle – germinate and grow in one year; then overwinter and flower, seed and die the following year. Some garden plants though are perennials are treated as biennials because they deteriorate in their third year, such as wallflowers.

Biennials or flowers of such nature are great for spring and early summer flowering. Examples of biennials are sweet William, foxglove, Canterbury bells and wallflower. Seed is usually sown in the open starting from late spring all the way through the summer. Early sowing gives the plants a better chance to become well established and acclimatized before the winter. They are usually sown in drills of 30 cm apart. If the soil is dry, water the open drills first before sowing.

Transplanting is done when the seedlings are large enough to handle without causing any damage to the seedlings and roots. They are pricked off in rows or in beds of 15-23 cm apart.

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